What Services Can We Provide You With

At Assorted Business Services, we offer a multitude of services to our Customers with an evergrowing list it would be impossible to list them all here, so get in Contact with one of our associates today.

Areas of expertise:

  • Unix / Linux / Windows
  • Business Basic Language
  • Visual Studios Knowledge
  • Diamond Software Knowledge
  • Copper & Fiber Optic Cabling

Assorted Business Services is well diversified in many computer languages, business practices and standards; we can provide you with an all in one approach to Information Technology. For many of our Customers over the years we have provided everything from IT related Construction, Installation, and Maintenance to completely scratch built Business Applications to fit a specific need.

If you have specific service needs, please contact us and see if we can help.

Backup & Recovery

Has this ever happened to you?

At Assorted Business Services we provide several solutions to protect your business data.

Developement Services

With an ever growing knowledge of "Geek Speak" since the beginning of computers to present, We can assist in migrating or supporting existing applications to creating something from nothing.

Hosted Services

Are you looking for redudancy in certain services or maybe interested in what the "Cloud" can do you for your business, We can help.

Infrastructure Services

Does your company suffer from old outdated wiring or equipment and looking for new updated wiring or equipment, We can help.

Managed Service Plans

A package of services dedicated to network monitoring and preventative maintenance including unlimited remote and/or onsite support by highly skilled professionals for a flat monthly fee.

T&M Service Plans

A list of services available at either a fixed pricing structure or dynamic pricing structure with no long term commitment.

Effective solution to reach your audience and increase your sales

At Assorted Business Services, our company goal since day one has always been to provide Customer with state of the art, easy to maintains platforms that will allow your business to grow and flurish.