What Solutions Can We Provide You With

Our professional staff is aware of the ever changing technology; these types of solutions never remain static, given the dynamic nature of business and technology in the 21st Century. Survival of the fittest does not always mean strongest - it means being able to adapt to ones environment. Focusing on the challenges of today and tomorrow, Assorted Business Services is committed to ongoing research and development with the latest in technological advances.

Voice Platforms

We can provide both on site and in the cloud voice services for any size business. We currently offer several solutions for on-site and off-site voice services.

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Data Platforms

We provide a multitude of vendor solutions for everything from Tablets to Network Equipment and everything in between.

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Video Platforms

Are you looking for Video Conference Solutions or Building Security Solutions at ABS we can provide, install, and service several product lines for everything Video, give us a call to find out more.

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Business Software

Every good business needs a strong foundation to start from. At ABS, we can provide Intuit Quickbooks, Addon Software, or even custom Business Applications to suite your needs.

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Custom Solutions

Does you business evolve around something complete custom and you have no idea where to start, contact us and we can help make the impossible possible.

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Building Infrastructure

From Carrier Access Services to Building Wiring, Assorted Business Services have you covered.

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Product Spotlight - Addon Software V17

  • Accounting, Distribution, and Manufacturing Modules
  • Java-based & Platform independent
  • Real three-tier architecture
  • Includes GUI, BUI, and Mobile Interfaces
  • Database independent
  • Source Code Provided for Customization
  • Designed for Small to Large Businesses
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AddonSoftware ERP is an affordable, full-featured, and fully integrated business management solution. AddonSoftware offers scalable deployment options to fit your needs and budget while providing the core enterprise resource planning features that currently support many businesses like yours. Full integration eliminates the cost of multiple stand-alone applications and the resulting redundant data entry. With AddonSoftware, you select the licensing, define the number of users, and choose the functionality you need.

AddonSoftware ERP comes in either on premise or cloud based solutions and licenses can be purchased one-time or rented sparing your business the startup cost of upfront purchasing. Our go-to-market strategy provides you with the solutions you need now and the ability of "FREEDOM TO GROW"

    Accounting Bundle
  • Accounts Payable
  • Account Receivable
  • General Ledger
    Distribution Bundle
  • Inventory Control
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Sales Analysis
    Manufacturing Bundle
  • Bill of Materials
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Sales Analysis

Product Spotlight - Security

  • Less expensive and more reliable than security guards
  • Deterrent to crime
  • Insurance companies like them
  • Video cameras don’t lie
  • Keeps employees on their toes
  • Remote access to real time security video
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Many smart businesses are incorporating video surveillance systems into their comprehensive security plans. They can be used to protect the interests of small and large businesses alike. A video surveillance system can also be designed to accommodate any budget.

Insurance Tip: Insurance companies are big fans of video surveillance systems. They may offer substantial policy discounts to businesses that install security cameras. Insurance companies like security cameras so much because the footage they capture can be used to refute questionable claims, which can save insurance companies from large pay-outs.

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