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Who We Are

Since 2004 Assorted Business Services has been serving businesses in and out of the state of California. We have established ourselves as a leader in the design, development, marketing, and support of Linux, UNIX & Windows based converged networks, Hybrid Phone Systems, and TelePresence and Video Security Systems.

The Assorted Business Services network of professionals has proven to be a vital link to many customers that demand the most effective hardware and software solutions available. Assorted Business Services provides a full range of proven software solutions to respond to the most demanding information processing environments, providing powerful and flexible systems that adapt to any business and operating environment. We offer you business solutions that are cost effective and fit almost any budget. More importantly, these solutions are proven to make an immediate improvement to your company's efficiency which increases your PROFITS.

History & Evolution

Assorted Business Services has existed since 2004 as a family owned business, but our staff’s roots date back to the evolution of computers. Several members of our staff started working with “Punch Card” Systems and have been involved with computers ever since. Needless to say we have seen the evolution of large IT based (IBM/COMPAQ) business supporting businesses to the evolution of the first “cloud services” then known as Hosted Services (think dotcom bust of the earlier 2000’s) to the current evolution of social media and a return to “cloud services” to provide a cheap simple solution for Businesses.

In 2014, we are happy to report our staff has been providing Information Technology Services to one of oldest customers for over 42 years, since they moved from Hawaii to California. Our staff actually has a long list of customers we have worked with for more than 20+ years..

As for the future of Assorted Business Services, we remain committed to our customers and will continue to expand our business while meeting the ever growing list of up and coming technologies.

Why Assorted Business Services?

We are committed to improving one of the Industry's most significant problems - The ability to provide "Multiple Business Solutions" that use proven technology that is cost effective and reliable.

Our experience covers:

  • Heterogenous Networks from Unix/Linux to Windows
  • Stand-alone system to multi-site deployed systems
  • Designed for both open source & close source technologies

Assorted Business Services contiunes to meet our commitment by providing flexiable rates, around the clock monitoring of our customers equipment, Hot or Cold standby equipment for mission critical applciations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide your business continuous, trouble free access to your information and programs that are critical to the operation and success of your small to mid – size company

Reduce the operating costs of you Information Technology Systems

Champion design & software excellence

Provide Professional Support throughout the whole process

Your business will benefit by lower operating expense, increased productivity which increases your profits.

Our Ethics & Values

Our ethics at Assorted Business Services is that we pride ourselves with Professionalism and Honesty in all work we perform. We work and talk with our customers and delivery there request and/or make recommendations.

  • When asked by Customers we ask what are their future plans and needs and setup what they need today and moving forward and in return it saves them in the long run.
  • We also take pride that we finish and stand behind our work.
  • We follow problems through to their completion by taking ownership of the problem.
  • We work with other vendors so you don’t have to
Non-Technology Associations, We Belong too.
Oakley Chamber of Commerce

We are a proud member & supporter of the Oakley Chamber of Commerce.

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Cal 4 Wheel Drive Assocation, Inc

At Assorted Business Services, we like to get out and explore and as such we are proud associate members of Cal 4 Wheel Drive

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Just a few of our Vendors

A handful of the companies and organisations that we worked with.